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Are we funding terrorist organizations?

How do 2.7 billion US dollars sound like? Great, right? But not to an industry who suffers a loss of 2.7 billion dollars every year. We are talking about the Film Industry of India. The industry face read more

Anti-Piracy Laws around the World

Each year losses of billions are faced by artists and creators as their work gets illegally published by pirates on pirate websites. This unlawful content is then consumed by people all across the glo read more

How Piracy affects Artists

As technology takes over the world, people start looking at easier and cheaper means to consume digital content. The only people at loss in this dream come true of watching films and downloading music read more

So How Big the Online Piracy Is?

Piracy is a serious problem for all the world. It's been there since times immemorial and the subsequent mushrooming of torrent sites it's estimated to do more damage than ever before. The huge number read more

Impractical Bots and their Forgeries

Recently the word “BOT” became very popular across the internet. Internet bot or a web robot, WWW robot or simply bot, is a specially designed software application capable of running autom read more