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A team of Anti-Piracy experts for the film industry -Piracy Tracker tackles unauthorized  online distribution of digital media over the internet.Particularly aimed towards content owners in the film and publishing industries that are intermittently confronted with breaches to licensing agreements and infringements to copyrights. Piracy-Tracker, through its conditioned established processes helps prevent, detect, restrict and eliminate these pests and intruders.

With a holistic approach to not only prevent certain content from being illegally pirated and distributed, Piracy Tracker is on an ongoing operation to track down and unclothe the pirates and their unlawful and outlawed business.


Online Piracy is a booming illegal business and has now attracted organized criminal enterprises and even novice individuals to set up pirate websites, leak movies and generate revenue using someone else’s copyrighted work, being a source of easy money. The loss in this cycle is entirely on corporate houses, film production companies and investors.It hence does not get the kind of public support essential to fight this menace.

At Piracy-Tracker a team of expert vigilantes equipped with advanced set of software and tools and an established, tested process that enables to track and take down infringed domains and URLs. Piracy Tracker is more than a service, it is an ongoing operation with the vision to create awareness and a sound realization among people about the treacherous nature of pirates and pirate websites and the harm in utilizing these services.





Team Piracy Tracker follows an organized hierarchy, curated after carefully analyzing the potential and expertise of each member.The team is holistic with each member having a home-ground in different aspects that fit as pieces of a jigsaw creating an all-encompassing mine of solutions. Such a formation helps bring out the best of each member while providing flawless services to the clients and reaching higher grounds of successfully rooting out piracy and creating a sombre environment of the public about it.
For the first time in the anti-piracy scene, Piracy Tracker brings Copyright Track -a unique system that enables 100% tracking and real-time updates on the status of mails, DMCAs, reminders sent to accused parties. The status of the notices whether sent, delivered, received, read or responded can be retrieved in real-time with complete accuracy.
The Enforcers of Piracy Tracker are a segment of highly specialized law enforcers and compliance managers from the USA. These persons of law come in to picture when the case of a pirate and his website has to be escalated with the help of legal jurisdiction. This team of enforcers legally sue the owner of the pirate site and take him to the concerned court of law for further proceedings.


What gives superiority or identity to one anti-piracy service over another is its process. Piracy Tracker follows one such unique and stand-out system or flow different from the others.The system followed at Piracy Tracker is a carefully curated and planned flow that holistically covers all aspects right from research to implementation. The utilization of the latest and most capable technology gives it an edge, paired with the most competent digital experts.

Piracy Tracker was created to be a well-equipped force of individuals, uprooting piracy from the World Wide Web one pirate at a time.The team hence works on the mission 24*7 creating the largest database ever of pirate websites that exist in the digital abyss. This database enables the team to take action faster and achieve set goals quicker.

Our methods are transparent, dedicated and well-planned. Every action is initiated only accordance to the code and in keeping with legal jurisdiction.


While fighting the illegal and unethical a firm may face many challenges that may cause them to deviate and choose means that may cross the boundaries of legality. Piracy Tracker strongly holds the constitution and its values and negates the choice of such unlawful means and abides with what is legitimate and just. The fight against criminals doesn't always require one to become a criminal.We do not appreciate or accept bribery or favors of any kind from outlawed organizations or individuals. We are not biased on bases of personal/unanimous preference. We believe in the existence of a clear line between the right and wrong.

 Team Piracy Tracker ensures to take up not only individual projects, we believe in Piracy as a whole to be a social evil slowly entering the lives of every consumer of digital media in a manner so disguised and appealing that one refuses to identify it as one.We pledge to create a sound and more aware environment about piracy and how it affects artists, creators and change-makers.