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Are we funding terrorist organizations?

How do 2.7 billion US dollars sound like? Great, right? But not to an industry who suffers a loss of 2.7 billion dollars every year.

We are talking about the Film Industry of India. The industry faces losses of a whopping 2.7 billion US dollars approx. every year due to piracy. Free movie download websites that are easily accessible to anyone having a standard internet connection have become a pest by illegally distributing copyrighted content and causing losses to creators.These websites are not legal and are generally operated by copyright violators, terrorist organizations, or other individuals just to make easy money.

How do these Pirate Websites earn money and how do we unknowingly finance the terrorist organizations?Watching a movie online or downloading it for free has become a very casual act. It may seem as the easiest and cheapest mean of entertainment to stay home in your pajamas and watch a film over the internet. What one fails to think of is the degree of damage consuming this unlawful content leads to.

A major source of revenue for pirate websites are advertisements. While browsing through these websites you may have come across a sea of advertisements popping up every 10-15 seconds. These advertisements displayed all over the website are linked to URL’s and redirect the user to a completely new page and that is where you finance a terrorist. These advertisement slots are sold to advertisers looking at getting more clicks and a space to place their advertisements. There are thousands of pirate websites that could enable them to maximise their reach and ascertain a high number of clicks.

Pirates and their organizations are very structured groups of people. They target each and every segment of people differently. They search for top trending content all over the internet and place it all on their website to get more attention. They advertise their websites using social media, honey-pots, by assuring free prizes for registration, and other eye catchy images.

The root of the issue lies in lack of knowledge and the tendency to go for anything that comes to us for free over putting in some effort and take the legit way.The shallow attitude of the people leads to demand for pirated content and hence they are bombarded by advertisements that discreetly help vicious causes.