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How Piracy affects Artists

As technology takes over the world, people start looking at easier and cheaper means to consume digital content. The only people at loss in this dream come true of watching films and downloading music for free are the artists and creators. Having your creation being thrown around illegally over the internet for mass consumption despite you having the copyrights to it, isn't particularly the best thing to happen to you as a creator.

This disappointing web of piracy leads to not only psychological and emotional damage to the creator but also financial losses.

They take away the price that the artist well deserves for his creativity.  It also distresses the development of new artists. Piracy harms those who create art for a living. It is totally unfair that their work is being illegally downloaded.

Piracy not only affects artists but also studios. Given the high costs of producing quality movies, losses caused due to piracy make a huge difference in their actual profit from the expected profit.

If piracy continues the damage to the film industry, the end of independent filmmaking would not be too far.

According to a CISCO Survey:

Between 2008 and 2014 file-sharing, the largest medium of piracy has grown 44% in the US and that figure is slated to grow to 51% by 2019 (Steele). This could be used as an indicator of how piracy increases worldwide.

A study by the Institute for Policy Innovation estimates that the total piracy loss to the sound recording industries from global piracy is about $5.333 billion.

These figures are enormous and one could only imagine the loss a passionate creator faces at the other end of the spectrum. Creating awareness among the people about this loss is very key if one looks forward to seeing a future for arts. So the next time the urge strikes you to watch a movie or download a song, take the effort to access it from a legit source and pay for the art you're consuming.

It's a fair deal, isn't it? We all deserve to get returns for our work and efforts. Laborers, employees, businessmen and artists alike. Start with yourself, respect art, and make a difference.