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Piracy: The Web Ghost that Haunts Bollywood

We have been hearing about piracy a lot since a decade. Every single time, when a movie is about to get released, the demon of piracy starts haunting the B-town personas. And the disturbing fact is, piracy is yet to be considered as the theft or crime by the people of this country. We find it our birth right, if there’s a source of music piece or a video or a print of a particular movie, to download it without any guilt. It must be mentioned that the civic bodies are yet to work a lot to make people understand that piracy is theft, a crime!

The people that download the movies or music albums should know that the action is considered to be crime. We might see the pirated versions of DVDs and CDs out in the market, that are sold openly. The people that buy them are hardly aware that they are committing crime by buying the pirated versions. In India, the people that are mostly indulged into buying the pirated DVDs, belong to lower middle class or lower classes. I can firmly say that they don’t even know that those DVDs are even not legal. This could be the failure of the government or the civic bodies that are involved in stopping the crimes related to piracy, that they are not even able to educate the people about the rules and regulations associated with piracy.

Every year, Bollywood loses crores of its revenues because of the demonic piracy. The strict laws must be made, and people should be made aware of the fact that downloading a movie from some free internet sources could really get them in trouble. No producer, director or actor would want to see their hard work being sold by the road-side just a day after the release or would like to know about the source that would leak the movies a day or two before its release. Time has come that the illiteracy about piracy should be countered through the workshops or better means, better law enforcements should be implemented and people should understand that downloading a movie from internet is no less than a theft, theft of someone’s hard work!