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Why Our Psychology Does Not Consider Piracy A Crime

India is a country where Piracy is a crime only in the books of law, as we Indians have such a mindset that whatever comes easy is better than everything else, no matter if we break the norms for that or so.

People in India like to watch movies, play games and even love to listen music but irony is all we want should be ‘Free’. The reason why we always opt for a pirated version and we can’t deny the fact that we love to download all the stuff from the sites that are not registered or not having such authority.

This habit of ours is increasing the level of Piracy in the country. The people behind this crime are being motivated due to our negligence towards the seriousness of the matter.

The issue of Piracy is as serious as any other crime in the country as it ruins the efforts made by the people who makes movies, songs and even games with such big investments and indulges their days and nights to make it successful.

This is a trend these days that if there is a hype of any movie then some miscreants try to leak its story and even the looks of the characters of the movie as well and we make it viral instead of reporting back for this crime.

Some of us even leak the movies that are going to be released soon that effects the earnings of the makers of it and reduces the popularity of the characters and the movies as well.

This habit of ours ruins the hard work and prolonged practice of the artists involved in the project.Thus, there is a need to be aware of the crime we are doing in our daily life that is resulting adversely to the makers.

We also need to change this law breaking psychology of ours that will help in stopping this crime from happening in the future.