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No Commercial Use Policy

At PiracyTracker.com, we believe that objective, impartial testing, reviews and Ratings are critically important for consumers. That is why we have a strict “No Commercial Use Policy” preventing the use of our name and information for any promotional or advertising purposes. The policy helps ensure we avoid even the appearance of endorsing a particular product or service for financial gain. The policy also guarantees that consumers have access to the full context of our information and are not hearing about our findings through the language of salesmanship.

Why it’s important

For consumers, our No Commercial Use Policy provides piece of mind that the information they are receiving is free of influence, bias or commercial interference.

For service providers and other retailers, adhering to the policy bolsters their own reputation for honesty and integrity. Our strategic partners which include dozens of film production houses, associations and law enforcement agencies support our organization because it allows them to fight online piracy based upon our expert, independent, unbiased investigations and recommendations.

Encouraging support for the policy

We take all appropriate steps to prevent promotional and advertising use of our materials, our name, or our content. We carefully monitor the use of our trademarks, as well as copyrighted material such as articles, ratings and reviews, in order to preserve our reputation as a source of information not influenced by, or associated with, commercial interests.

Our No Commercial Use Policy has been respected by service providers, production houses, and other commercial interests. Overwhelmingly, once they learn of our Policy, they agree to refrain from advertising or promotional use of our trademarks, data, and information. Adhering to our No Commercial Use Policy is in the best interest of production houses, film associations and their own commercial enterprise.

Any concerned party should feel free to contact us with questions about the policy at [email protected] .