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piracy shield Result Oriented Anti-Piracy Solution

  • Overall solutions to protect and fight illegal cyber crime on pirate websites. Complete protection to Copyright owners, production houses and patent owners with an Anti-Piracy Shield.

  • Piracy-tracker has developed a highly advanced software and tools to track and take down the pirates and their websites. 

  • Highly advanced software and tools to track and down pirate websites in real-time so that damage can be avoided and the plague curbed at the initial level.

  • Piracy-tracker shield is an ongoing process that continuously tracks the status and the activities of pirate websites and infringement Domains. Continuous tracking of pirate website and infringement domains and their activities.

The mother of all anti-piracy solutions

The growth of piracy, demands the growth for Anti-Piracy.

As the pirates grow stronger, a force to curb it equipped with the latest technology and tools and moreover the expertise to shun the cause of plague.Piracy Tracker is a team of diligent digital experts on their feet 24*7 tracking and eliminating the pests in real-time.

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piracy tracker


    The process of tracking involves extraction of data from pirate websites through manual and automated processes. It is an ongoing process that detects these websites in real-time. It also involves tracking various search engines, social media platforms, and URLs secretly shared by anonymous users


    Investigation of the hosting service, network provider and registrant of the domain. Additionally Piracy Tracker also investigates the advertising agents utilizing the domain.


    A DMCA (legally mandated notice) to the Hosting Company, Network Provider and Registrant of the domain. Search Engines are also reported for providing space to such outlawed websites that violate legal commandments


    The 'action' process involves sending out of reminder notices to the concerned parties in case action is not taken on the prior DMCA. In a case of violation of these copyright laws, a team of compliance managers to escalate the case further.

piracy reporter

  • Public Reporting

    An open space for the public to join in making the World Wide Web a piracy-free space. People can report pirate websites they come across that are illegally distributing copyrighted content online. While Piracy Tracker tracks pirate websites in real time we appreciate all kinds of involvement by you to help us do what we do in on a bigger scale.

  • Action by Piracy Tracker

    Getting rid of pirates is not a simple process and will only be an achievable dream when all of the society collectively works towards making it possible. As you report pirate websites through Piracy Reporter, our team initiates action in order to take the site down.

  • Cyber Intelligence Unit

    The Cyber Intelligence Unit at Piracy Tracker is a team with the right expertise constantly on the hunt for pirate websites with 24*7 extraction of data both automated and manually. For anti-piracy unit to have complete track of faulty action on the web a combination of bots and manual research is necessary. Piracy Tracker puts forth the perfect combination of both giving as an edge above the others in the anti-piracy game.

  • Vigilante ATI

    Vigilante Advanced Threat Intelligence is an award-winning platform used by security firms and agencies worldwide, also used by Piracy Tracker. The AI system and our expert team watches the deep and dark network of pirate websites for specific indicators of copyright violations to offer advanced intelligence and preemptive warning of imminent infringement so we can react before the fact, rather than picking up the pieces in the aftermath.


  • Advanced DMCA

    Piracy Tracker merges advanced technology with the traditional DMCA. The DMCA’s sent by Piracy Tracker can be tracked in real time for status. One could know whether the notice sent to the parties has been delivered, read or reverted to accurately. This cutting edge brings with it benefits that can help with further proceedings of the case.

  • Cognizant Database

    Hundreds of Pirate Websites are made every day. Piracy Tracker keeps a track of these websites as they come into being with latest algorithms and technology that consistently tracks the emergence of such websites. A database like this helps make the process of taking down pirated content much easier and faster.

  • Behavioral Analysis

    A constant track of pirate websites helps analyze the protection and technology used by them. This information again is a way to take immediate action to pull them or the pirated content on them down. Knowing the constant betterment in pirate technology helps prepare better technology to tackle and beat them

  • Real-Time Tracking

    Knowing the status of any action initiated is key to planning and preparing for the further proceedings. Piracy Tracker makes this possible with the help of best in-class technology giving updates and status with 100 percent accuracy in real-time, 24*7.


  • Reminder

    The first step of initiating a notice against illegal activity is to send a DMCA. Immediate action is expected after the receiving party has read the same. In certain the cases the parties refuse to respond. A reminder is the next step, that goes across as a warning to the lawbreakers to initiate action before the case is escalated.

  • Legal Escalation

    A team of highly competent lawyers and compliance managers in coordination with the cyber intelligence unit investigate the website and group behind it. The same are then taken legal action against and dragged to the respective court of law for legal jurisdiction to take forward.

  • Hurt their Wallet

    The source for any business to survive is revenue. To pirate websites, advertisements are a massive source of income. This income helps them sustain and dig deeper roots. A clever way to discourage the pirates is to hurt their source of revenue, their wallets in turn making their survival difficult.

  • Exposé

    There is nothing more shameful than exposing a person of their heinous activities. A step in Hot Pursuit involves the use of various websites and other Social Media platforms to defame and shame the owners and pirates publically. An expose of such criminal activities in a public space with a massive audience is definitely something a pirate does not look forward to.


  • PiracyTracker.com

    The Piracy Tracker website in itself has a dynamic wide public database that exposes pirate websites on a continuous basis. It is one of a kind and is a platform to expose and create awareness about the existing pirate websites on the World Wide Web and status in taking them down.

  • Exposing Roots

    A pirate website does not survive on the owner alone. There are many aspects related to the website that helps it sustain. The hosting provider, the advertisers, agents involved in the process of selling ad spaces, etc. BADvertising involves exposing and calling out all these aspects of their shameful involvement in criminal activities.

  • Defamation Websites

    There are websites on the internet where criminal and fraud websites can be reported and defamed. They see an astonishing traffic every day and play a key role in the formation of public opinion and influences their decisions. Piracy Tracker in collaboration with these websites exposes pirate websites.

  • Creating awareness

    The aim of Piracy Tracker is to finally create a piracy-free web space and awareness among the people about the disadvantages of consuming pirated content. The creation of a mindset in the public that streaming and downloading content from pirated websites is a criminal offence and has long ranging effects most of which we are unaware of.


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